History of the Pallet Design System

The History Of The Pallet Design System

The history of the pallet design system begins with the opening of the William H. Sardo Jr Pallet and Container Research Lab on October 28,1976. July 1, 1980 the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Lab, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Virginia Tech and the NWPCA came together and made the Research and Development Project for Developing Design Technology for Wooden Pallets.  This was a four year cooperative pallet research group and it’s goal was the “development of pallet design standards which could provide pallet users a necessary means of communication with the pallet manufactures for defining expected performance”

After 4 years of work the PDS version 1.0 was released in Nov 1984. Between the years 1985 to 2009 new versions were released each year. They had complete rewrites to show new features and new developments.

In 1992 Version 2.X was released. At which time there were 3 PDS programs. 1) PDS Stinger. 2) PDS Block. 3) PDS Panel. New mechanical property data for most types and grades of components were developed.

Version 3.X came out in 1999 with this version a single Windows program replaced the 3 DOS programs. Also introduced was a new engineering based simulation to predict pallet durability. Design of remanufactured pallets, effects of moisture content percentage on pallet performance, and pallet component grades were standardized and simplified.

Version 4.X began in 2007. That is when the program added a three dimensional (3-D) graphic design and specification tool for wood pallets

PDS is now used by pallet manufacturers in 19 countries

sample spec sheet



Why you should hire Custom Design Pallets for your pallet needs?

Custom Pallets

We specialize in custom pallets and crates. Our company uses the PDS system for our pallet design. PDS is industry specific, leading edge software, developed by National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA), in conjunction with Virginia Tech University. It not only designs the pallet but provides stress specifications and cost effectiveness evaluations when desired.

Repairing pallets

We buy a limited amount of used pallets. Some are dismantled to repair others that are either sold as low cost reclaim or repair pallets for our customers

Pallets dismantled